18 September 2014

Casa no Tempo | Aires Mateus + João and Andreia Rodrigues

"The intervention aimed to reclaim the natural beauty of the rural territory and landscape, avoiding a conventional approach by liberating the land," says the architects.

This beautiful house is situated in rural Portugal. It is designed to enhance the surrounding landscape and the historical heritage of the context. There are three steps taken into account to complete this architecture.

First step was to restore the house to maintain its integrity to respect its cultural heritage and highlight natural elements that are associated with the place.

The second step, to meet the client's need, was the introduction of the water element as a swimming pool that reminiscent of the beach topography. It is a square pool in the middle of the countryside. 

The third step was to create a garden that displays a pallet that stimulates our sensory by cultivating flowers, vegetables, and other relevant agricultural elements.

To learn more about this architecture, click here!

15 September 2014

INSIDE! Atelier Drome Architecture | Park(ing) Day

Just like last year, we are participating in Park(ing) Day this year also. We are changing a parking spot into a "fun park" on September 19th from 9:00 am to 3:00 PM,  so don't forget check out this fantastic event. We have reserved two parking spots in front of our office to engage with the community and pedestrian. This is an invitation to every one so please come inside our office and say hi! We will love to to talk to you. 

Our address is 622 Western Ave. Seattle, WA 98105

09 September 2014

Louis I. Kahn from Aspen Conference, 1972

"Design demands that one understands the order. An architect can build a house and build a city in the same breath, if he only thinks about it as being a marvelous expressive inspired expressive realm." - Louis I. Kahn


Art Installation | Beach House by David Simpson

Where 6th street and Westlake Ave crosses, "Beach House" by David Simpson was gathering attention from pedestrians. It's an art installation of a cube, which includes a door and few windows. The exterior walls are made made of typical plywood and wood studs. Inside the cube is a structure consisting of wood sticks that are positioned on top of a layer of beach sand. The cube some how remind us of a house, but when we try to enter it or look through it, the internal material palette confronts us with a sense of being on a beach side. 

06 September 2014

INSIDE! Atelier Drome Architecture | Light Fixture

We design not only architecture, but also furniture and light fixtures are our specialties as well. For example, we are currently waiting for custom steel components to arrive for the new light fixture that we designed for ENG restaurant. It is basically 14 Edison light bulbs connected to various lengths of electric cables that are hung from an aged wooden beam. That wooden beam is going to be suspended from the ceiling by steel mounting rod. We cannot wait to see this piece of art hung and lit above the diners in the new dinning space.

- Sherif Sugiyama

03 September 2014

INSIDE! Atelier Drome Architecture

"Atelier" and "Drome" are both French words that are combined to define the firm as "workshop  specialist".

Michelle Linden and Henry Walters founded atelier drome with the belief that good design truly can improve our lives. This philosophy manifests itself in a design ideology that celebrates simple yet significant solutions. Rooted in modern design, atelier drome aims to work collaboratively with clients in an effort to provide an affordable solution catered to the owners' unique desires and needs. Each design, whether remodel or new construction, residential or commercial, or even a simple piece of furniture is specifically conceptualized with the human scale and owner's use of space in mind. As architects and designers, we believe in encouraging green sustainable building and design, understanding that our resources are precious. We get excited about creating intelligent solutions, rather than bigger solutions, and strongly believe that a thoughtfully designed project will have less impact on the earth, help foster positive relationships, and ultimately enhance the owners' lives

02 September 2014

Torquay House | Wolveridge Architects

The language this architecture speaks is certainly an adaptation of surrounding context. This two story, three bedroom house is situated in coastal area, and uses materials that can stand the coastal environmental  conditions. Local vegetation are also selected carefully to "blend in" with the surrounding context. But most importantly, it is designed for occupants to enjoy their new residence whether permanently or during the weekends, and to be a place worth arriving all season-long. Visit here to learn more about this serene architecture.

28 August 2014

The Wire Staircase | The Runners House by AR Design Studio

It is our responsibility as designers to create not only beautiful architecture, but to integrate safety of the occupants within architecture by any means. In The Runners House by AR Design Studio, the implementation of safety can be noticed in the staircase. The architects integrated safety by designing a minimal stairs that are suspended from the ceiling by series of  wire cables to prevent people from falling. The staircase divides the dining space from the living space, yet the wire cables allows visual transparency between two spaces. Learn more about this wire stairs here, and check out more cool stairs at www.stairporn.org

25 August 2014

Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

The optical glass house is designed to create an oasis where busy traffic contaminates the surroundings with unpleasant noises. The glass facade, constructed out of 6,000 pieces of custom glass-bricks, serves as a filterer to block traffic noises, invites natural light into the space, and display an abstracted scene of constantly moving traffic. This serene architecture allows us to boost our senses to fully connect ourselves with natural elements that are lacking on the site. The contrast between nature and  vehicular traffic makes this architecture conceptually strong. Click here to watch a short movie and learn more about this amazing architecture.

21 August 2014

Autofamily House | KWK Promes

Do you live architecture and cars? This project by Polish architecture firm, KWK Promes, certainly combines both interests into a single entity. In suburban area where cars are preferred method of transportation, this architecture eliminates the boundary between the family living space and the garage. Where the main entrance is rarely used, the driveway is transformed into multinational space to create an epic experience upon entry and exit.  Find out more about this amazing architectural achievement here!

18 August 2014

National Parliament Principality of Liechtenstein

This architecture is a masterpiece of a German architect, Hansjoerg Goeritz. The detailed masonry craftsmanship and use of primary geometry creates a serine monumental  architecture. We find the paradigm between the play of  light and mass of bricks influential. Read about this project more in detail here!

21 July 2014

the house of the infinite

One of our favorite sensations is looking out into the ocean and experiencing how infinite it feels. The architects at Alberto Camp Baeza have captured this feeling through a beautiful house in Cadiz, Spain. The perfectly horizontal lines used demonstrate how sometimes, the simplest things can be the most powerful. Read more about the project here!

30 June 2014

the world cup of architecture

This summer, it seems we can't go five minutes without hearing about the World Cup, whether it's about Luis Suarez biting someone or general soccer madness. But for those of us who are interested in something other than sports, Arch Daily has rounded up some of the most beautiful buildings in Brazil, the World Cup host country. See more of beautiful Brazil and it's incredible architecture here.