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09 August 2013

'architectural anthropomorphism'

This installation at the Palais de Tokyo by Henrique Oliveira is quite spectacular. As she describes it, the expression of the twisting organic trees breaking free of the existing columnar structure are a form of architectural anthropomorphism. No matter what you call it, I think the result is pretty amazing. I'd love to take a walk through this space.

Via Dezeen

05 June 2013

Colorova Patisserie

Our office is currently working on a French Patisserie... And as a bit of a Francophile and a foodie who loves to learn about new hip restaurants, I've been keeping my eye out for interesting pastry shops. Colorova is a  Parisian Patisserie that is really checking off all my boxes. Well designed interior (largely created by local craftsmen), lots of color, light fixtures with a sense of humor (Marcel Wanders), and best of all... what looks to be delicious pastries. I'm ready to hop on a plane and stop by!

All photos by Lindsey Tramuta of Lost in Cheeseland (one of my favorite non-architect blogs).

16 October 2009

Up High

Nomiya is part temporary art installation, part parasitic architecture, and part experimental restaurant. Perched up high above the Palais de Tokyo, Laurent and Pascal Grasso have designed a truly lovely dining experience. The views alone would make the meal an event to remember, but add in the minimal interiors and the fantastic food... sign me up!

24 June 2009

Planning my escape

For some reason, I've had Paris on the brain for the last month... I keep planning my escape to Paris, even knowing that it won't happen for quite some time!
I just can't stop thinking about it!
Photos by Rita Crane

06 June 2009


I think my love of mixed age architecture is well documented... so its no surprise that I love this project. This interweaving of modern and historic sensibilities is quite lovely... Although this Epinay Town Hall looks more like a hotel lobby than town hall. How French! I'm ready to pack up and move right now!

The equis house by Barclay & Crousse has really been giving them a lot of press lately.... and its easy to see why! The pool itself is amazing, but the interconnectedness of the materials and colors is really what makes the project special. The materials and textures are simple, with a redundant use of color giving it more impact.

25 February 2009

3X Fresh Architectures

I really love this signage by Fresh Architectures... I'm not sure if they designed the pendant lamps, but I love those too.

A fun restaurant interior by Fresh Architectures...

Lastly, a residential complex by Fresh Architectures. I really appreciate the attention paid to the human scale and public spaces in this design. They seem to have succeeded in creating a community rather than simply a collection of homes.